The Avengers and James Corden surprise comic book fans on a less-than-glamorous tour of Los Angeles


James Corden set up a special treat for the cast of Avengers: Infinity War. The stars got to go on their own personalized tour of Los Angeles, surprising unsuspecting fans along the way.

James Corden understands that it’s time for celebrities to start understanding the lives of the little guy. Sure, we know our celebs thanks to them sharing their lives with us on social media… or us checking out where they live thanks to Hollywood tour buses. So… shouldn’t they do the same thing for us?

What better a way for that change to start than with the cast of Avengers: Infinity War? On The Late Late Show with James Corden, most of the stars of the film gathered round to enjoy “James Corden’s Star Star Tour” of Los Angeles to do just that.

The first person to join Corden’s tour was Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the film. Corden was left speechless as he saw him come aboard. I mean, who wouldn’t?

After, the likes of Chris Pratt, Sebastian Stan, Josh Brolin and others joined to create one star-starred tour bus. Along the way, the Avengers got to learn about normal people stuff. You know, buying coffee and waiting in line for brunch and all. The cast even took tons photos with a few oh-so-vintage disposable cameras.

On the tour, Corden even tried to wrangle a few spoilers out of the cast by asking about who dies in the film. The cast is so well trained that not even James Corden could get anything out of them.

As a surprise stop, the cast visited a local comic book shop to greet some unsuspecting fans. (Which it seems like the Avengers are doing a lot these days).

Nonetheless, the group of super celebs had a great time. That is until good old Chris Hemsworth showed up late for the tour.

You can see the entire clip of the Avengers’ day out below. (Watch after the credits for a bonus scene at the end!)

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Although the Avengers won’t reveal much about the movie today, just know that those moments won’t have to stay secret for long. Infinity War is out in theaters as of Thursday night, and now all will be revealed!