Lucky Marvel fans score tickets from the Avengers cast in the weirdest way possible


Avengers fans got the surprise of a lifetime when they took a peek through a mysterious hole. On the other side, they got to see actual Avengers!

What would you do if you poked your head through a hole and saw Thor and the actual Black Panther on the other side? You… don’t have to answer that, actually.

Though it may seem like one of the least likely fantasy scenarios you might have about meeting your favorite Avenger someday, that was the case for some lucky fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel pulled two guests from a marathon screening of the MCU movies happening nearby. The first lucky fan was dressed up as Thor, and Kimmel asked if she wanted to get a sneak peek at “The Avengers.” If only she had known he meant the actual team of heroes and not the movie

On the other side of the “Sneek Peek Hole” was Josh Brolin, Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan and Chris Hemsworth.

“I’m literally lost for words right now,” the fan expressed in awe. Boseman then presented the fan with two extra tickets that she had to bite to grab because, I mean, you can use your hands when they’re behind you in the face hole.

Another fan in a casual Captain America outfit was surprised next. Boseman gave him a nice pat on the head as he came through, and Karen Gillan presented him with his free tickets. The fan told Kimmel he had skipped out on preaching at his church just to make the event. But hey, sometimes you got to make an exception just for Marvel. And I’d say skipping out this time was definitely worth it.

You can see how everything went down for those happy Avengers fans in the clip below:

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Both fans reacted fairly calm, considering they had just met the biggest actors in Hollywood. But perhaps that was just their calm-before-the-storm face before actually seeing what’s in store for Infinity War.