The 100: Just how dangerous are the passengers on the prison carrier?


Clarke and Madi may be in trouble now that their home has been invaded by dangerous convicts. Beware: this article contains spoilers for the latest episode, “Eden.”

The fifth season of The 100 premiered on Tuesday, and the first episode wasted no time jumping into the action. Clarke and Madi were already attacked by the passengers of the mysterious prison carrier from the fourth season finale. They took down two of them, so any chance of a truce seems to be out the window.

But while we’ve officially met the crew of the ship, the premiere didn’t tell us much about who they are or why they’re here. The writers did make sure to mention that they’re all convicts, though. And only two of them are non-violent offenders. So that’s comforting.

The first episode also revealed that this carrier ship was dropped down to Earth by a larger spacecraft. Bellamy and Raven plan on teaming up with the bigger ship, so we can only hope its inhabitants are a bit friendlier. There is the possibility that whoever is on that ship had the same idea Kane and Jaha had four seasons ago: Send the convicts to the ground first to see if it’s livable.

There’s also a chance that the second ship is full of even more enemies. After all, there are several clips from the trailer that indicate struggles between the two crews in space. Plus, there’s a point when Echo asks the others, “What happens when these guys get to the ground? This is an army.”

If another army does join the prison carrier on the ground, they could actually have a shot at seizing the valley. The group already on the ground has the weapons and numbers alone to defeat most of Octavia’s people. They don’t seem the type to hold back; one of them didn’t even care that Madi was a child before trying to kill her.

The premiere also raised another interesting question regarding the passengers from the prison ship. The leader mentions that she and her crew were “asleep” while their planet was destroyed by the Death Wave. We have no clue what that means, but it does make you wonder whether they were sent to space and put to sleep for the planet’s protection.

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We’ll have to count on future episodes to answer all of our questions. Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait. The next episode of The 100 airs Tuesday, May 1.