Latest Avengers: Infinity War clip gives us a better glimpse at Thanos’ Black Order


A new Avengers: Infinity War clip shows the heroes batting against some of Thanos’ henchmen, giving us more details on exactly who they are.

Leave it to Thanos to have some of the most unsettling henchmen around. But at least we actually get a better look at them, thanks to a new clip from Avengers: Infinity War.

The clip debuted on Good Morning America Thursday during an interview with Anthony Mackie. The video starts out with Black Widow in the middle of fighting a black-garbed person — you can hear the triumphant Avengers theme in the background. That person, as pointed out by Digital Spy, is Corvus Glaive, a part of Thanos’ Black Order.

The Black Order, as some may know, is his squad of henchmen, probably out to do the little work while Thanos handles the heavy stuff.

Also part of that squad is Proxima Midnight, who we just learned is being played by actress Carrie Coon. Captain America faces off against her with the help of Falcon who comes swooping in. When the two are at a standstill, Black Widow reveals that the Avengers don’t want to kill the two evil-doers.

Perhaps Proxima and Corvus will come in handy in helping the three Avengers find out more about Thanos — maybe even helping lead the heroes to him. We know that the Avengers are split up into different side quests for the movie, so the Black Widow, Cap and Falcon team might really help to give all the Avengers some leverage with this catch.

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Though we don’t know for sure what this means for the Avengers, we’ll find out soon enough when Infinity War hits theaters on April 27.