Game of Thrones season 8: Did a charity video provide some costume spoilers?


Game of Thrones season 8 is doing its best to help out good organizations, but a video made to promote the contest might have let something slip.

Do you want to both help out a good cause and get to go to a notoriously secure set for Game of Thrones season 8? Because Omaze wants you to do both and recruited Emilia Clarke to help entice you into doing both. And while the video makes light of her attempts to give things away, it’s possible that some actual things are given away in the video itself.

Granted, it’s very minor, all things considered.

However, costumes do constitute possible spoilers.

First, here’s the video in question:

First, it seems like the excellent white coat that Daenerys started sporting back in season 7 will be back for season 8. That’s really quite logical; we know Daenerys heads north at the end of season 7 and might just be involved in something huge in season 8 that’s also in a cold locale.

It’s the brief appearance by Kit Harington that has us particularly intrigued. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a costume like this on him. He wore a similar one for a video earlier this year. However, this version has a bigger collar. What is it for? Covering his face during a full-blown winter in the North? Looking goofy for the video? (We can’t discount that it’s just to look goofy for the video.) A piece that attaches to another piece of costuming that he wasn’t allowed to wear? It’s a mystery, but the fact that we’ve now seen this costume twice seems to imply that it’s something we’ll actually see during season 8 of Game of Thrones.

As this writer noted the first time this costume made an appearance, it’s similar to Arya’s wear. However, it’s also just pretty … normal. And that might be the biggest thing of all. If it’s harder to recognize him, could he be wearing this beneath his cloak when he goes to meet with someone who resides in a place that has interior sets around Titanic Studios?

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Either way, seeing this once seems like a coincidence. Seeing it twice starts to make it seem like a pattern.