20 books you’ll absolutely want to binge at the beach this summer

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Furyborn – Claire Legrand

This young adult fantasy story has already seen a ton of hype within the book community. The narrative is split, following the tales of two queens, each harboring the ability to wield seven types of elemental magic. And though these women exist centuries apart from one another, both carry the future of their world on their shoulders.

Rielle, who reveals her powers to save the one she loves, is later faced with seven trials testing her magic abilities. If she fails? She’ll be killed without a second thought. Talk about pressure to succeed. During these trials, she also must prove that she is the prophesied queen of light, not darkness.

Far in the future, Eliana believes that her magic makes her invincible. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent her mother from disappearing. Joining the expedition of a rebel captain, Eliana pursues her mother and her kidnappers, discovering some dark truths about the empire in the process. Can you guess which queen she is from the prophecy?

Both of their story lines converge to create an epic adventure that could very well bring an end to a war that’s spanned millions of years. Furyborn comes out on May 22. The plot’s intensity is perfect for a beach day binge.