Benedict Cumberbatch’s got some good advice for teens on how to deal with bullies


Benedict Cumberbatch spoke to internet personality Sophia Grace Brownlee in an interview ahead of Avengers: Infinity War. The two discussed bullying, equality and Nandos.

Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t here just to talk about all that’s going on with Avengers: Infinity War. He’s actually got some sage advice for all the young adults out there on how to be a better human being.

The actor met with YouTuber Sophia Grace (yep, part of the Sophia and Rosie duo featured on Ellen) to give some advice on what he would have told his teen self, and what he’d tell to the teens out there watching.

Bullying came up first, and the Avenger knew that the only way to battle hate is with love.

“As hard as it may seem, you have to meet it with love,” he began. “You have to try and empathize with hate. Not hate yourself, but you have to understand why people often want to damage other people is because they’re damaged themselves.”

For him, it’s about knowing your own self-worth, saying that bullies don’t know the real you.  But Cumberbatch did admit that things are a bit different from his days now that cyberbullying has become a huge problem.

Following his advice on bullying, the next bit of advice he gave dealt with respecting one another. His big message there: include, don’t exclude, and learn what you can. He added that growing up and being a teenager can be a bit daunting (given all that goes into being in high school and trying to plan the rest of your life), but it’s worth it to celebrate once in a while.

Sophia Grace closed the interview asking if the actor liked Nandos. “Only if they’ve got vegan options,” he laughed.

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Cumberbatch gives some great advice speaking from his inner-self, but we’re not so sure his character Doctor Strange would be the same. Either way, he’ll be appearing as Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters April 27.