15 of Disney’s most underrated characters

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2. Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Yes, this makes three characters from The Princess and the Frog on this list, but the movie is a gem. All of them deserve the love.

Prince Naveen scores a spot on this list because he’s not the typical Disney prince. He actually speaks! But more importantly, he has a journey alongside Tiana. He’s not just some guy at the end of the rainbow for her.

Naveen starts out as a pretentious, entitled prince with an admittedly fun zest for life. But all he values is partying and riches, avoiding responsibilities at every turn. He isn’t even equipped to handle human problems, so being turned into a frog is a seriously rough curveball.

Somewhat surprisingly, Naveen adapts as the movie goes on. He develops a respect and admiration for Tiana’s drive. He wants to be better for her (which makes Tiana an even stronger heroine). Obviously old habits die hard, but Naveen works past them to get to his best self.

He wants to give her everything he has, even if it’s not much. In the end, Naveen is even willing to give up his relationship with Tiana if it means she’ll achieve her goals.

And when she does, he’s right there at her side, helping her continue to keep them real. He even provides free entertainment to boot.

That’s what a Disney prince should be: someone who supports and collaborates with his princess. He needs to be more than just a spell-breaking kisser with an occasional song tossed in.