Shadowhunters: Raphael can’t leave for good… right?


A key character on Shadowhunters might be leaving. Hopefully, it’s only temporary. Spoilers ahead for the latest episode, “Thy Soul Instructed.”

Things have been very rocky this season on Shadowhunters, especially when it comes to love. After last week’s episode, it appears one ship has finally hit bottom.

Malec is far and away the most stable relationship, despite being almost separated in the season premiere. Luckily, that only brought them closer and Malec is stronger than ever.

Clace is definitely in hot water. Not only are they hiding a massive secret from everyone, but Jace was also having dreams about killing Clary. Now, on top of that, Lilith has possessed him. It’s a really rough time for Clace right now.

And then there’s Isabelle. Dr. Charlie is trying his best to get her attention, and just coming up short. According to Izzy, “Shadowhunters don’t date mundanes.” But for most fans, Charlie doesn’t even matter with Raphael in the picture.

Sadly, it seems like Raph has now been permanently cut out.

After discovering that he had resurrected Heidi in the hopes of figuring out the secret to becoming a daylighter, Izzy was stunned and angry. His motivations were heartbreaking and easy to sympathize with, but for Izzy the crime was unforgivable.

As an act of mercy, she promised she wouldn’t report him to the Clave — if he left town that night.

So, are we really saying goodbye to Raphael? It’s possible. With the strictness of the Clave, and everything that’s happened, they wouldn’t hesitate to punish him.

Focusing just on Isabelle, his exit would likely be more good than bad. Their relationship was toxic at its core, despite what Izzy — and most fans — wanted. His most recent actions would just be another hurdle between them.

But with Heidi on the loose, Simon bearing the Mark of Cain and Lilith still lurking in the shadows, now is the least ideal time for Raphael’s exit. We just got a new High Warlock, and a new wolf. Bringing in a new vampire to lead Raphael’s clan would be a lot to digest.

David Castro plays Raphael brilliantly, and to lose him would be heartbreaking. He’s been essential to the story so far. If this is real, hopefully it’s only temporary.

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Shadowhunters airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Freeform.