Shadowhunters season 3 episode 4 recap and review: Thy Soul Instructed


After this week’s Shadowhunters, Clary might be in serious trouble. Be warned: Spoilers ahead for last night’s episode.

With Jace mostly under her thumb, Lilith seems to be near unstoppable right now on Shadowhunters. But she’s losing her grip, thanks to Clary.

Last night’s episode picked up right where we left off after last week’s big reveal. Now, they’ve moved from the altar to what appears to be Lilith’s HGTV-ready apartment.

She is none too happy with her Owl after he let Morgan Young get away. Not only does Lilith need her disciples quickly, she needs Jace to be cleaner about his work.

If the Shadowhunters figure out that he’s been possessed, they can track the demon that possessed him. And Lilith still isn’t ready to reveal herself. But she is ready to reveal some of her backstory.

According to her, Valentine came to her directly, asking for blood to infuse Jonathan with. She wasn’t even sure Jonathan loved her, until he used his dying breath to call out her name. (There probably aren’t any Demon’s Mother’s Day cards anyway.)

It’s all the info Jace needs — the only problem is he’s not Jace right now. He’s the Owl, sent back to the Institute to finish his mission. No one notices anything really off about him — except Clary of course.

Apparently, when it comes to possessions, you don’t even need true love’s kiss — just true love’s touch. Clary’s been worried sick and when she touches his shoulder, Jace is suddenly himself again, only now he’s really freaking out.

Last he remembers, he was fighting Jonathan at the club. Clary suspects it might be the wish she made that’s causing this to happen, because Jonathan is definitely dead. Izzy’s whip proved it.

Clary is more insistent than ever that they come clean about what happened. She still doesn’t care if she gets in trouble for it and, though the situation was very Bonnie and Clyde-esque at first, now it’s just become overly problematic.

Jace still refuses to tell anyone — mostly for her own protection, but also for his. Unfortunately, he needs protection from something much darker.

According to Alec, Morgan’s possession isn’t an ordinary one. Her cells are becoming demonic, and there’s no way to save her. Just imagine what’s happening to Jace’s body.

Meanwhile, the Downworlders are still trying to figure out what’s going on with Simon’s body. The mark on his forehead has not only broken werewolf bones, it’s also gotten him evicted.

Simon’s pretty understanding about it all, but Maia, not so much. She schools Luke on what it means to be a leader, reminding him that it’s not just sticking to party lines.

The writers are continuing to give her stellar writing, and really making her a force to be reckoned with. Her blunt comment to Luke is worthy of a cross-stitch pillow.

Simon had his own winning line though. While hunting for apartments, he reminds Clary, whom he’s calling “Fray” again — who says break-ups have to ruin friendships? — that “I rose from the dead. I can find an apartment.”

Enter Kyle. Of course, we know that’s not his real name. But that’s his persona for now, and he clicks with Simon. Simon especially connects to Kyle’s taste in apartment décor.

Since this isn’t Twilight, Simon can’t smell that Kyle is a wolf. And as luck (or strategic planning) would have it, Kyle actually needs a roommate. Not only does he have cool guitars, but it’s also rent controlled. Seriously, I smell a House Hunters: Shadow World spinoff coming.

It’s a good thing Simon was forced to move though, considering Heidi is now on the loose.

Determined to meet her sire, she breaks free of Raphael’s holding and makes a quick pit stop at a blood donation truck. But why steal blood bags when you can chug one in front of the driver and then attack him?

Fortunately, tracking a vampire attack is easier than tracking down the Owl. So, Alec puts Clary and Jace on the case. But, given Jace’s current state, Clary asks to be partnered with Izzy instead.

Alec concedes, but he’s still not letting this disappearing-parabatai-rune situation go. It’s a tense, and much needed, moment between Clary and Alec, showing how deeply they both care for Jace.

Speaking of unexpected character bonding, let’s head over to the Jade Wolf. After learning about Celine Herondale’s history of mental illness, Jace has turned to Luke for answers. He was the only one who really knew Celine that’s still around.

After asking some very specific questions that somehow didn’t tip Luke off, Jace feels at least a little better about his family history. It wasn’t the dad talk I was hoping for, but that would’ve been out of place. This was a good start.

In the meantime, Izzy is still working on the advice Luke gave her during their talk. Dr. Charlie has been calling persistently, but not taking the hint. As Izzy rationalizes it to Clary, “Shadowhunters don’t date mundanes.” That, or maybe vampire is more Izzy’s type. As she and Clary are strolling through Yin Fen dealers looking for info — because, dramatic irony — she unpacks her relationship with Raphael.

It’s nice to see the two women bonding again. A lot has been going on, and having that friendship to lean on is important. Unfortunately, the moment is cut short when they get a hit on tracking the mundane.

Well, he’s not a mundane anymore. The former medical driver is now a very angry newborn vampire, set on protecting his sire. After a particularly visceral killing, courtesy of one of Clary’s blades, the Shadowhunters come across Raphael.

Poor Raph is having a rough time right now. Last week, he lost his sister. This week, he got a taste of his own medicine when Heidi tranquilized him. When he woke up, he found himself stripped of clothes and chained to a rooftop.

Like any good villain, Heidi had her monologue ready. As she explains it, she first went to the vamps to escape her life. After the first bite, she was hooked. She wanted to become a vampire, and get all the strength and power that came with it.

Then she died. Fortunately for her, Raphael brought her back. Unfortunately for her, it was to be his guinea pig. He was trying to see if he could crack the secret to becoming a daylighter, so he could have just a little more time with Rosa.

To make her revenge sting even more, literally, Heidi chained Raphael to the roof just before sunrise. Clary and Izzy get him free, but not before his foot is good and charred.

Though Raphael said he didn’t know who the vamp was that did this to him, Izzy knew better. Revenge is pretty easy to recognize.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Thy Soul Instructed” – JaceÕs concerns grow about his mental state and turns to Luke for information on his familyÕs past. Clary and Izzy go after a rogue vampire and Simon hunts for a new apartment. This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs Tuesday, April 10 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


Upon learning everything Raphael did, Izzy promises her silence, provided he leaves the city immediately. RIP Raphael and Izzy’s love. It was toxic, but made for a compelling story. Hopefully this won’t mean a permanent goodbye to David Castro.

Luckily, we still have the beauty of Malec’s relationship. The love between these two is only getting stronger, as they continue to lean on each other. It’s heartbreaking to see Alec struggling with his parabatai again, but it did lead to the most adorable conversation between Alec and Magnus yet.

After threatening/offering to force-feed Alec, Magnus reminds him that it’s okay to need help. The worst that could happen is “We’ll spend more time together. Ugh, the torture.” Realistically, if Lilith has her way, Malec might be the only couple left standing.

Realizing that Clary is what broke Jace free of his orders, Lilith admits to being responsible for his dreams of Jonathan. Since those haven’t proven effective enough, she sets off to take care of Clary, while sending Jace back to take care of Morgan once again.

Only this time, he sets her free? When the others find her, Morgan is totally back to normal. Well, as normal as one can be after being possessed by a Greater Demon.

Jace, on the other hand, likely won’t be fine for a while. The vaguely good news is that he did get a look at Lilith while he was awake. Maybe he’ll recognize her when her work with Magnus comes to light … if it does.

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