C2E2 2018: Some of the best cosplay, from Star Wars to Stranger Things

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C2E2 cosplayers. Photos all taken by C. Wassenaar.

With such a big show like C2E2, the cosplay community was bound to come out, and from Star Wars to DC Comics to Game of Thrones and beyond, they delivered.

At any con, cosplay is now practically expected to make an appearance. Last weekend’s C2E2 was, unsurprisingly enough, no exception. Props to the con for putting up a lot of “Cosplay is not consent” signs to try and make sure everyone knows better than to just assume cosplayers are there to be touched, bothered or randomly photographed.

But during my wanderings through the show floor, up by where the panels were being held and even in the security lines (yes, really, but more on that later), I saw some absolutely great cosplayers. And, as a regular fan would, I asked if I could take their pictures … then asked if I could publish them for a compilation showing off this huge part of any con, because of course someone’s first con has to involve gawking and geeking out over how much effort and time people put into their costumes. That’s just part of the experience!

So, from Star Wars to Stranger Things to DC and Marvel heroes to yes, Game of Thrones, let’s take a look at some of the best cosplay from C2E2 2018.