Study confirms we really love binge-watching Netflix with our pets


Netflix came out with a study showing that people love binge-watching shows with their pets. And it’s true. They make the best binge-watching “paw-tners.”

It’s National Pet Day! And what better way to celebrate than to binge watch a show on Netflix with your furry friend? Pets make the best binge-watching partners. It’s scientifically proven.

Netflix just released a new study showing that people prefer to watch Netflix with their pets than with other people. And this makes complete sense.

Pets do make the best binge-watching “paw-tners.” They don’t judge you when that humiliating question about whether you want to keep watching or not pops up, they don’t talk during the show, they don’t spoil it, they don’t hog the remote and they don’t watch on without you. They just watch and cuddle with you. It’s perfection.

New study reveals pets to be man’s best binge paw-tner. Graph courtesy of Netflix Media Center.

According to the study, 71 percent of Americans “find pets to be the best binge partner,” and 84 percent of people all over the world have watched Netflix with their pet. They especially love binge-watching Stranger Things with their pets, which, of course they do. Who could forget Dustin’s heart-wrenching relationship with Dart?

A whopping 47 percent of people, meanwhile, have actually moved where they were sitting to give their pets the best seat in the house. OK. I’ll admit it. I’ve done this. It’s Ruby’s couch and I’m lucky to be sitting on it.

Plus, your pets will be there for you through all the scary moments and all of your crazy fan theories. The study shows that 28 percent of people cuddle their pups and cats during a sad or scary scene and 27 percent have talked to their four-legged friends about whatever they were watching.

And dogs and cats have preferences! Dog owners are more likely to watch action while cat owners prefer sci-fi.

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So now that Netflix has found out this ground-breaking information, the question is: Will we see some dog TV on Netflix?