Look at these very good service dogs take a magical trip to Disneyland


Get ready to lose your minds. A group of service dogs went to Disneyland, and the pictures may be too much to handle. And, yes, there are Mickey ears.

We all know Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. And dogs are just joy and cuteness incarnate, obviously.

So what happens when you put them together?

Pure magic. That’s what.

A group of service dogs took a field trip to Disneyland and they completely stole the show. The four-pawed tour group strutted around the happiest place on Earth like they owned it.

Oh, and yes, they were wearing Mickey ears. Because of course they were wearing Mickey ears. One even got the rose gold ones. Feel free to squeal because it is the cutest thing you’ll see all week.

And the pups had a blast! They even got to meet Chip and Dale! Luckily, these very good dogs knew not to chase the chipmunks. It looks like they even got to meet their hero Winnie the Pooh and take a ride on the Tea Cups, which is absolutely adorable. They truly are too good for this world.

Of course, these dogs weren’t just there to meet some princesses, eat a churro, or go on some rides. They were there to work. Many service dogs in training go to Disneyland so they can prepare for high-stress situations. Sure, Disneyland’s magical, but it’s also hot and crowded. People are running around everywhere. There’s so much to see, hear, and smell! With everything going on, these dogs need to be on their best behavior in order to help their people. Luckily it looks like these precious pups passed the test with flying colors.

You may also remember a viral video of a service dog meeting its hero Pluto at Disney a few years ago, and yet another one just a few months ago, which still get me every single time.

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Clearly, Disney isn’t just for kids. These pups obviously had a tail-waggingly good time on their field trip to Disneyland.