A news study tells us if our dogs really love us best


We all think our dogs love us best. But a new study shows that whether your dog picks you over a stranger really depends on the situation.

It’s the age-old question: Does your dog really like you more than anyone else? The answer? Maybe.

Look, I stand firm in my belief that my dog will choose me above anyone else under any and all circumstances.

But according to National Geographic, a new study shows that who a dog chooses really depends on the context and the situation.

The study, which was published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, watched to see what dogs would do if they were with an owner and a stranger in a familiar and unfamiliar place.

Dogs spent most of their time with their owners if they were in an unfamiliar place and most of their time with the stranger if they were in a familiar place like their home. And hey, that makes sense. Your dog will look to you if they’re unsure and need some security, but if they’re in a safe place they already know, then they’ll feel comfortable enough to explore and hang out with someone else.

So it shouldn’t upset you that your dog seems to prefer the new, exciting person sometimes. It just means that you’ve made your dog feel safe enough to be able to interact with strangers. Good job!

The study also looked at how shelter dogs and pets reacted to being with two strangers at once. They all seemed to pick just one stranger instead of both, but there wasn’t a reason why. Plus, they were able to easily bond with a stranger, meaning any dog you adopt will bond with you very quickly and won’t be off yearning for their old family.

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Okay, part of me is a little upset that my dog would be able to get over me so quickly. But it’s good that dogs are able to create such strong bonds so fast.

And once that bond is formed, they’ll rely on you during new, unfamiliar situations, and they’ll feel comfortable enough to bond with strangers when they’re in safe, familiar situations. It’s pretty remarkable just how trusting dogs are and how much we can bond with them.