25 of the most memorable TV and movie siblings of all time

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Damon and Stefan Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

I am firmly of the opinion that twice the Salvatore is always better. Especially when one is blue-eyed and broody and the other has cheekbones you could slice bread on. As (arguably) the two most handsome vampires on televisions, the Salvatore brothers are both super dreamy, but that is about where their similarities end. Oh… except they are both in love with the same girl.

Damon is the bad boy, straining against his darkest desires and urges. He is always going to follow his instincts, no matter the consequences, and he doesn’t have much a regret filter. Stephan, on the other hand, has an on-going struggle against his vampiric nature, desperately trying to keep his humanity in control. They are mostly on the same side of matters, but their tactics vary wildly.

Of course, there was always tension over who got the girl. Elena, the Salvatore brothers’ once and future lover, ping-ponged back and forth between them, and they didn’t really handle it with grace or poise. They spend a good bit of those middle seasons at each other’s throats, literally, over who Elena loved more, and yes, it became a little tedious.

What was most compelling about these brothers is their long history together. Originally born in antebellum South, it was so fun to relive their old lives with each other as they fought in the Civil War and remained young and beautiful and a little salty with each other through almost a century.

Sure, everyone likes a good love triangle, but everyone loves to see two dreamy vampires careening through history, looking dashing. As much as Vampire Diaries tried to convince us the show was about who Elena would choose, it was mostly about these two brothers and their tempestuous relationship.vamp