Here’s what we want now that Riverdale’s renewed for season 3


The news that Riverdale has been renewed for season 3 is out, but check out how amped everybody is about it.

As you may have heard, The CW just picked up a bunch of returning new shows for the fall season. Our fave, Riverdale, got renewed for a third season, and we’re super excited. Everybody say a collective, “Woo hoo!”

Although season 2 has been a little wobbly, Riverdale continues to intrigue us. Now, it’s got the chance to wow us in another season.

If we’re lucky, it will get back to what we fell in love with in season 1. Along with Riverdale, some our other faves, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Dynasty, have been renewed, giving us a lot of big hope about what The CW is willing to do (and spend) on fan favorites.

Speaking of fan favorites, season 3 (hopefully, with fingers-crossed) will explore some more of its darker, supernatural elements.

With the Sabrina series coming to Netflix soon, I have hope we might see writers dabble a little with the occult. Sabrina the Teenage Witch exists inside the Archie universe, so it wouldn’t be such a stretch to get our core four heading across the river to Greendale.

If we’re making wishes and casting hopes, I’d really like to see a third Riverdale season explore some more of its minor characters. For now, Kevin, Cheryl and Toni are taking a backseat to the main players, but that’s a real waste.

Instead of making Kevin the go-to for “all things gay,” give him a textured and layered love interest. Fine, he used to cruise the woods and do webcam stuff, but we want more for Kevin. Certainly more than banishing him to Cheryl’s asylum dreams about “pray the gay away” videos.

As for Cheryl, her storyline is ramping way up, but I can’t really decide if making her a stalker is a stroke of genius or a death knell. In the coming season, Riverdale must decide how to use this juggernaut and must stop making her a snarky accessory to the Scooby Gang’s ill-advised antics.

I’m super into this Toni/Cheryl matchup, but I believe Cheryl is destined for greater things. I wouldn’t put it past her to take up her mother’s business, once she has dispensed with Penelope altogether.

Let’s also make Toni the head of the junior Serpents, so we can really get into this conversation about class warfare. She’s smart, got the caper-chops and is a far better spokesman than Jughead ever was. I nominate Toni.

As excited I am for a season 3 renewal, the Riverdale cast is even more so. They’ve been celebrating since the news broke yesterday, and I can’t say I blame them.

The reactions range from the sweet and heartfelt. . . .

. . . To the downright whimsical.

They’re celebrating now, but we still have a little more time left in season 2, including a musical interpretation of the horror classic Carrie.

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Riverdale will return with new episodes on April 18. In the meantime, catch up on Riverdale on the CW app and website, and then head back here for our post-Riverdale rehash and confab.