This Twitter thread of actors before CGI is sure to brighten your day


Sometimes you just need to see a Twitter thread of your favorite actors before CGI to make you feel better. Get ready for green leotards and padded thighs.

Acting may not seem like a hard job. But when it comes to CGI work, we forget that most of the time there was a stand-in wearing a green leotard playing that role. Kind of hard not to laugh when doing your job then, right?

Just think about all our favorite Marvel movies, for example. In Guardians of the Galaxy, do you think they trained a raccoon to shoot a gun? No, they had an adult man in a suit pretending to be a raccoon.

So now picture, if you will, the actor having to work alongside said person in a suit. That actor has to keep a straight face and, sometimes, even cry based on the scene. You’ll think twice next time you say acting is easy, won’t you?

Still though, we can have a good laugh about some of our favorites out there in leotards giving us their best performances thanks to this Twitter thread of actors pre-CGI.

When Twitter user @thisbemesara started her thread, some replies poked fun at what had to be done to get the story across. Other tweets pointed out the insanity of CGI work. Like how they couldn’t even use a real pier Life of Pi.

What was going through Kristen Stewart’s mind with this scene?

From Game of Thrones to Beauty and the Beast, these situations would make most of cry with tears of laughter. It is nice to know that Dan Stevens wore insane amounts of padding to his legs to give us his Beast-like thighs. Here, I thought he just worked out a lot.

We hope this made your day, your weekend, maybe even the month. We could go over these photos again and again — and likely will today.

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So go and enjoy all your pre-CGI favorites. Also, remember that without the magic that comes along with it, we’d just be seeing actors in green jumpsuits pretending to be raccoons.