Sebastian Stan set to star in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beat the Reaper


Beat the Reaper has been in production for quite some time and now Sebastian Stan is joining the cast. Gore Verbinski is set to direct.

Beat the Reaper, a novel written by Josh Bazell, is now set to star Sebastian Stan. The movie isn’t exactly new to film circles. For quite some time, Leonardo DiCaprio was linked to the project as its producer, but overall it looked as if the movie was going to be a dead end.

The film’s publicity has been revived with the news of Sebastian Stan’s casting plus Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Gore Verbinski is set to direct.

Based on a crime novel published in 2009, the story follows Peter Brown, a medical resident, through different times in his life including when he falls in with a mafia family. The story is written in first person, so it will be interesting to see what direction the film takes. There’ll be plenty of time before the film is released for Stan and DiCaprio fans to read the novel plus its sequel, Wild Thing.

What makes this project fascinating for Stan fans specifically is he’ll be going from a Marvel hero to a crime drama — a switch we’d welcome to see. With movies like I, Tonya and The Last Full Measure, Stan has consistently booked interesting projects one after the other.

We’ll have to wait and see how he does in Beat the Reaper but if it is anything like his other work, Stan is going to do amazing. Maybe this time around the Academy will actually appreciate his work and nominate him (as this writer thinks they should have for his work in I, Tonya).

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