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Only four designers remain. Which designer will abruptly depart in this week’s Project Runway All Stars, and who will make fashion history?

The final four designers are poised for the ultimate glory in this week’s Project Runway All Stars. With all the unique challenges and bizarre obstacles behind them, this week’s task seems perfect for a designer wanting to make his mark.

Still, one designer’s dreams will go up in flames before the ultimate reward.

According to Lifetime, this week’s episode, “History in the Making,” features the following:

"At the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., designers are challenged to create a six-piece collections; a surprise runway sends one designer home early."

The big twist in this short synopsis is a designer’s early departure. The four remaining designers are fairly even. Each designer has had both winning and losing looks this season. The designer sent home early could be anyone.

While Fabio is the most fashion-forward designer, that doesn’t necessarily give him an edge in the competition. Occasionally, he has sent some questionable looks down the runway. Pushing the envelope doesn’t always equal a place in the finals.

Stanley has consistently presented well-tailored, classic looks. While these pieces have been timeless, sometimes those looks can be a little understated or slightly boring. Stanley will need to find some innovation in his design to keep the classic fresh.

Anthony had a great mid-season run. His use of colors and dyeing made several looks favorites with the judges. In the more recent challenges, Anthony’s looks have fallen a little flat. If he can recapture that spark from the middle of the season, he could be safe.

Ken has been all over the map. Last week’s resort wear challenge was his best look by far. Could that bright yellow design be the momentum burst that he needed to make it to the finish line?

Who’s ready to watch Project Runway All Stars this week? Here’s how.

"Date: Thursday, March 29Start Time: 9 p.m. ETEpisode: “History in the Making”TV Channel: LifetimeLive Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2"

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Only three designers will make the finale. Who do you think will be cut from the history books?