50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Hermione Granger

Growing up a bookworm isn’t exactly an easy thing. But with an idol like Hermione Granger, it is a little easier to take. Hermione, who is arguably the most important member of the Golden Trio, works hard to protect her friends and be the “brightest witch of her age.”

Before her time, we never really saw a girl who had such an important role. Yes, there were female characters that were necessary to the story, like Belle, but Hermione is an asset in a way that no one really was beforehand. Without her, Harry and Ron would have died in the first book, and there wouldn’t be a series for us to still talk about.

I think the greatest thing about Hermione is that she is willing to help everyone around her and use her intelligence to better the lives of others. She isn’t stuck up, and she doesn’t want to just benefit herself. It is inspiring to young girls who can look to Hermione and see that it is cool to read books and help your friends.

You don’t have to be a tough girl who can throw a punch to be a necessity, and Hermione Granger helped teach us all that.