50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Mara Jade

Luke Skywalker is a space virgin, and I will go to my grave screaming that fact.

But if you paid attention to the original Star Wars EU, then you know that Luke ends up with Mara Jade. If my dreams come true and they make a young Luke Skywalker movie, I’d want to play Mara because she’s one of those characters that is just awesome.

Here’s the problem with the women in Star Wars: 99% of them are Skywalkers. That’s why the new movies are so special, because we don’t know who Rey’s parents are and Rose Tico is not a Skywalker. So there are actually really important women that don’t have to do with this family destined to destroy the galaxy.

Mara Jade, while connected to the Skywalkers, is powerful and fierce all on her own. She doesn’t have to have Anakin’s blood running through her veins to make her awesome. She just is. It is unfortunate that Mara isn’t featured in the movies (as most the EU isn’t part of the new trilogy) but there’s still hope.

So while we may never see Mara in the cinematic universe of Star Wars, we can still appreciate how much of a badass she is in the books and recognize her importance to nerdy girls everywhere.