50 influential fictional women in nerd history

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Kelsey is a little niche, because if you weren’t that big into High School Musical, then you might not know who she is. But she represents a different kind of nerd girl. So often, girls are either seen as having these tough exteriors or they’re amazing fighters, but we are rarely represented as weird girls who love musicals.

So as a weird girl who loves musicals, it was pretty cool to see someone like Kelsey, even if it was in a Disney movie. She isn’t ashamed of her loves, and she spends her time working hard to do the thing that brings her joy.

Even when she’s made fun of, she doesn’t let it stop her, and it was really inspiring to see. Kelsey loves musicals and wants to create her own, and she does just that. Again, High School Musical may be weirdly specific, but if you have the chance to revisit the films, do!

She is a character who is true to herself and yet still young enough that she is trying to find exactly where she fits in in this world. Kelsey really stands out in these movies, and she is a wonderful character for girls to see.