Donald Glover throws tons of shade in his Twitter-released Deadpool script


Donald Glover released a 15-page Deadpool script on Twitter after FX parted ways with the planned series, throwing some serious shade in the process.

Oh, is Donald Glover mad. Like all good writers, he didn’t say it, but he wrote it. Early Wednesday, the Atlanta creator and actor shared a complete 15-page Deadpool script for a mock episode on Twitter.

This comes after FX dropped Glover’s Deadpool animated series, only days after it was first announced to the public. The show was intended to air on FXX, but the network said they parted ways over creative differences.

And this sparked Glover’s thread.

The script starts off with Deadpool visiting Kenya to help save the last male white rhino, Sudan — a story that made headlines when the last one died last week.

In true Deadpool fashion, he completely shatters the fourth wall in the script. In one scene, an accomplice asks him who is he talking to as he goes on a rant.

“The people watchin-,” he begins, then backtracks saying “the people reading this.”

Glover then takes the script into overdrive. He uses Deadpool to channel his inner thoughts as the character speaks to the rhino he’s watching over.

“Do you think they canceled the show… cause of racism?” he asks at one point in the monologue.

He adds that all the writers for the planned show were black, and the references were pretty black, too. His version of Deadpool even appears to be written as black, compared to the current film version played by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool wonders, “Maybe we were alienating our white audience.” He follows up by saying they had an episode that would cater to a white audience (i.e., a Taylor Swift-focused one).

Overall, Glover’s frustration is completely understandable. His writing in the mock script shows that he was able to channel Deadpool to a tee, and the series likely would have been a success.

There are also other bits in the script that don’t come off as a jab to Marvel and the network but still make for an enjoyable read. He mentions Fortnite, the Beyoncé bite scandal and Bitcoin. Still you can’t help but feel his pain when you read between the lines.

You can read his entire script down below:

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Although the Deadpool animated series is no longer in production for FXX, Glover’s show Altanta is currently airing its second season on FX.