5 most outrageously funny quotes from the Deadpool 2 trailer


The anti-hero Deadpool made a return in the official trailer for Deadpool 2, and of course, there were plenty of hilariously memorable lines throughout.

There’s more Deadpool goodness floating about, all thanks to the latest Deadpool 2 trailer that dropped on Thursday.

Given that Deadpool is the one big hero franchise that gets a free pass to say just about anything it wants, that made the trailer splendidly outrageous yet funny. And so, we rounded up the five best quotes from the trailer for your Deadpool-loving pleasure.

Deadpool to Vanessa: “You’re smarter than I look.”

A little self-deprecating humor there, Deadpool? We can’t really deny that this statement is false because it checks out to us. Vanessa knows how to play her cards right with Wade. And Wade, well, went through some physical changes — for better or worse. He’s still Ryan Reynolds underneath it all, so that should count for something.

Blind Al: “It’s hard to hear you with all that pity [expletive] in your mouth.”

And that’s why Deadpool is R-rated, folks! It’s blunt and it’s naughty, but let’s all be honest here, that’s what makes Deadpool the best. Disney’s Avengers heroes couldn’t even dream of saying a line like this. And it’s those kinds of lines that have us looking forward to the sequel because we know we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Deadpool to Weasel: “We’re gonna form a super-duper [expletive] group. We need them tough, morally flexible and young enough to carry their own franchise for 10 to 12 years.”

Shout out to breaking the fourth wall there, Deadpool. He’s definitely calling out the whole superhero genre that’s milking these heroes for as long as they can. Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for a good 17 years! With all the Marvel and DC movies that get churned out year after year, you have to admit that sometimes it gets a bit old.

Deadpool: “We’ll be known as X-Force.”

Oh, does Wade love to poke fun at the X-Men. He’s even seen spinning around in what looks like Professor X’s wheelchair, having a little fun at the X-Mansion. X-this, X-that! Let Deadpool have his fun with his mutant pals. The conversation follows with Domino asking “Isn’t that a little derivative?” Deadpool’s response: “You’re absolutely right.”

Deadpool to Dopinder: “And that is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography.”

Sometimes Deadpool says things that come so far out of left field that you just have to laugh at it. It doesn’t even matter what he was saying before, because the punchlines always carry their own weight. Poor Domino though, who sits in the back of the car during the drive saying, “God, I wish I’d finished college.” It’s a lot to put up, we’re pretty sure.

You can check out Deadpool and all the hilarious zingers in the trailer below.

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As a last joke, Weasel says to Wade, “they probably won’t even make a ‘three’.” Does that mean we shouldn’t look forward to Deadpool 3?

That’s okay for now. We’re fine with catching Deadpool 2 when it’s out in theaters May 18.