Deadpool 2: 3 burning questions after the new trailer


Even though the latest Deadpool 2 trailer proves that the sense of humor from the first movie is still intact, we have mildly serious questions.

It’s pretty safe to say that there is nothing out there quite like Deadpool in the wide, wide world of movies, and it’s certainly the only Marvel property that could safely take shots at DC without inspiring a massive outcry, but definitely some snickers. Regardless, this morning’s look at the movie — now coming to us on May 18, in case you missed that little update — featured our finest look at Domino, Cable and Deadpool yet in his second adventure.

Despite that, teasers like this are practically required to inspire us to wonder about what’s actually going to happen in the film.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below (with a warning for plenty of adult language):

How many times will this movie make fun of Justice League?

We can’t expect Deadpool 2 to be completely up to date when it comes to targets of superhero mockery, but if the teaser can knock the infamously horrible CGI work done to make sure nobody noticed Henry Cavill’s mustache, then the movie can certainly find something else to mock.

The problem is that it’s an easy target — which means that if the script takes aim at it one too many times, it could end up being unfunny. Deadpool ended up being so good because it went for all kinds of humor, not just repeating the same jokes one after another. We expect good things this time around, too … but come on, it’s hard to resist.

Where’s Colossus?

A large Russian metal man should not have been one of the funniest parts of Deadpool, but he was, and so here we are, worried that Colossus won’t get enough time to shine. Not to knock Domino (whom we’re very excited to meet, of course), or Cable (ditto, since it’s hard to resist a man with a teddy bear), but it looks like we have a lot of characters and/or actors all angling for screentime. Look, Terry Crews is in this movie. There will be issues if he does not get moments to shine.

But also, just make sure we see our goodhearted Piotr Rasputin, Deadpool 2.

What’s the, uh, actual plot of this movie?

Okay, we probably don’t actually need to know the plot of this movie. Cable and Domino show up, there’s probably some sort of criminal conspiracy, and Deadpool will crack wise throughout.

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Honestly, it’s kind of refreshing.