20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Versailles (Costume designer: Madeline Fontaine)

The Sun King deserves nothing more than a television show that’s oozing in luxury. From head to toe, these nobles are meticulously put together. To be fair it would be embarrassing to show up at Versailles dressed in anything but the finest. King Louis XIV of France is said to represent the height of French decadence. The massive reconstruction of Versailles from a hunting lodge to a full-blown palace is a symbol enough of the king’s lavishness. 

This extravagance that permeates the era is why Versailles, the show, is on this list.  Some episodes may have to be watched more than once, because of how distracting the exuberant costumes are. Layers and layers of fine cloth make up a single skirt, men’s high collared jackets are embroidered excessively, and everyone has something made of lace on their bodies at all times. 

Beyond anything else, it’s the textiles and prints that make the costumes of this period piece so alluring.  Every character is wearing an abundance of layers. It must take a great deal of time to get an actress ready for set, and since much of this series takes place at court, the costume department has many actors to dress.

The mid-to-late 17th century brought in a new era of fashion — it’s a romantic and sensual period. Modesty crumbled away in French courts, leaving fitted and lower cut dresses.  Costume designer Madeline Fontaine also worked on the films Jackie, Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. She is clearly no stranger to nuance.

Though this has very little to do with clothing, the best part of this show is the fact that King Louis’ hair is always luxuriously long, curled and impeccably smooth. Can Dry Bar help us get this look, ASAP?