20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Lovesick (Costume designer: Carole K. Millar 2014-2016)

We highly recommend watching Netflix’s Lovesick. For starters it’s one of the best romantic comedies on right now to binge. Secondly, it has the everyday, normal person swag down. Oh, and it’s British, so everyone sounds incredibly attractive. 

The technique they’ve chosen to tell the story takes the viewer back and forth between the past and the current day. This is cool from a style standpoint simply because we get to see how characters’ appearances have progressed over the years. We’ll discuss the two best dressed characters, Evie and Jonesy.

Evie’s look can best be described as artistic, vintage and colorful. The first time we meet her, she’s on her way to a wedding, wearing a 1940s style green dress with a heart-shaped neckline and a scarf holding the curly hair atop her head.  On a regular day, Evie often wears some type of overall or oversized jacket with a tight floral dress or top underneath.  She loves pairing something oversized with something form fitting and then throwing on a pair of boots.

On the other hand, Jonesy’s look is more modern. Not so obsessed with the flowing styles of the past, Jonesy wears a lot of leather and black. When she does wear a print, the shapes are usually angular. Boho looks have been popular as of late, so to find a character that rocks a modern look, and wears it well, is like finding a diamond in the hay (don’t be mad at that mixed metaphor please).