20 TV shows to binge if you’re a fashion fanatic

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Anne with an E (Costume designer: Anne Dixon)

Can you tell we like period pieces, especially ones in the Victorian/ Edwardian era? Unlike every other show on this list taking place during that time, Anne is set in North America — Prince Edward Island, Canada to be exact. Anne Shirley has touched the heart of millions over the years. The books, starting with Anne of Green Gables in 1908,  are now loved and read all over the world.

This television show retells the story of Anne Shirley in a more realistic way. Now some fans aren’t into this concept, saying it taints the Anne of their childhood. Oh sorry, did we ruin your perfectly happy, late 20th century childhood by showing you how truly awful it would be to grow up an orphan at the turn of the century? Go enjoy your brunch. 

Now let us all step to the left and take a look at how the grit in this adaptation affects the costumes.

After listening to costume designer Anne Dixon explain her motivation behind Anne’s classic dress, it’s easy to see the small details in the basic frocks and overcoats. Dixon says she made sure Anne’s dress seemed lived in. You can see on the hem where the dress has been let out over the years to fit Anne’s many growth spurts. 

Each article of clothing seems to be a character. The best example might be jacket that’s been worn for years, with mended tears in sleeves and stains that have been scrubbed at. Remember, during this time, all the dresses, shirts, jackets and otherwise would have been made by the people who wore them. In one of the first episodes, Marilla Cuthbert makes Anne a new dress. If you wanted a new outfit, you had to make it. 

One of the joys in watching Anne is looking at a world before disposable fashion. The fabrics are of quality and meant to last.  Makes you really think about your own closet.