This Disney/Pixar movie bracket broke the internet


March Madness means brackets and basketball. Sure. But thanks to this viral Disney Pixar movie bracket, we’ll never look at March the same way again.

In 2018, we may remember the midterm elections or Beyoncé getting bit by a mystery actress. But above all, we will remember this Disney Pixar bracket that very likely could tear us all apart.

Twitter user @smjxmj started the madness by sharing a Disney vs. Pixar March Madness bracket, with the simple caption “Let’s discuss.”

What came next was a celebration for some and angry reactions from others.

The bracket has, for obvious fandom reasons, caused anarchy on the internet. Cars 3 beating Coco?  What madness is this? Asking us to choose between Frozen and Moana? How dare you, sir. Hercules over Aladdin? This is the biggest no of all no’s.

Jolley Rancher, as he aptly named himself on Twitter, did offer some explanation for the Coco pick, as that alone has caused mass fury on the Twitter thread.

“Okay guys, I totally understand the Cars 3 > Coco beef,” he said.  “I just really connected with Cars 3 being about an injured racer trying to make it back bc I’ve been in the same situation. Knocking out Coco was tough though, it should’ve gone deeper with a better seeded bracket.”

Our response: Which of these movies received an Academy Award?

For those who are ready to get at it? There is a blank bracket. We’ve shared ours below and are ready for all the responses.

Culturess Disney Pixar Bracket. Bracket via Twitter.

For the Culturess team, we actually agreed on a majority of our choices above. The Lion King is undoubtedly a classic. Toy Story 3 is filled with childhood nostalgia, and we all cried during that incinerator scene. Mulan is one of the bravest Disney heroines ever (plus how can you deny Eddie Murphy as Mushu). Ultimately, it was the Incredibles that dominated our bracket. We admit this was an incredibly tough choice, as The Lion King is an iconic, award-winning Disney film. Culturess though is a space that celebrates heroes (capes or no capes), thus our choice.

As for how others responded to the bracket? Well…

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Have your own hot take on the Disney Pixar bracket? Tweet us, comment here, and let the Disney Pixar madness rage on.