3 Marvel show ideas that Disney should develop for streaming


If Disney wants to draw some eyes to streaming on Netflix or its own project, then it should leverage these three Marvel characters for shows or movies.

Although Disney has already seen great success when it comes to partnering with Netflix on Marvel properties, its own streaming service looming on the horizon could also use some Marvel-ous content.

While we could simply suggest rehashing some of the heroes that we’ve mentioned before who need movies — because we’d still watch anything related to them — here are three more ideas that could garner a lot of interest for Disney, whether they’re meant for Netflix or something else.

Wakanda/The Dora Milaje

The ultimate inspiration for this list came from a report from Blavity about a petition Eric Hamilton created for a show based on the founding of Wakanda. Granted, he asks specifically for Netflix to throw some money at it. While it appears for now that shows like Daredevil get to stay on Netflix, it also wouldn’t hurt to put a show based on the extreme popularity of Black Panther onto Disney’s own streaming service.

And while we’d definitely watch the start of Wakanda, we’d also watch a show based on the Dora Milaje. Although Danai Gurira is currently busy with The Walking Dead, we’ve already speculated that that show could be on a downswing based on some current rumors. If she wants to keep in TV and film, playing Okoye in a Dora Milaje series would lend Disney’s streaming service some healthy star power — and show its commitment to telling all kinds of stories from Marvel.

Then again, Black Panther will come to Netflix. Although there’s not a lot of time to develop and release a Wakanda show in conjunction with its release on Netflix, it could make a good follow-up.

Angela / Aldrif Odinsdottir

This is probably the biggest ask, budget-wise, but if Thor: Ragnarok is any indication, Marvel finally knows what to do with Asgardians. And although Hela is already occupying the slot of Thor’s older sister in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, it’s not like he can’t have multiple older lost sisters, right?

After all, that’s who Aldrif Odinsdottir is. As she was kidnapped from Asgard and brought to the realm of Heven, she grew up among Angels before learning her true heritage. Along the way, she fell for Sera, and as The Mary Sue has written about, Sera happens to be trans.

Marvel’s official page for Angela, linked above, notes that she “has now dedicated herself to exploring other realms,” which would again mean that this would be an expensive show, but it would be a way to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or at least representations of Marvel on-screen) in a huge way to let Angela and Sera go off on adventures together.


While the characters who have been Spider-Man get plenty of attention both in the animated and live-action realms, Silk could make an excellent choice for her own series. Take the radioactive spider, move past Peter Parker and meet Cindy Moon.

Outlets like CBR and Nerdist have speculated that Cindy could make it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Silk instead of just in some cameos she’s made already. Nerdist even reports she’s rumored to appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

While it’d be great to let her get a movie at some point, having a quality live-action show with Silk could be just what Disney needs for its own streaming service. Alternatively, Netflix has shown how much it’ll pay for content, and Silk could certainly provide a different tone to the quintet of Marvel shows already there.

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What’s your hope for Marvel shows either on Netflix or Disney’s streaming service?