3 reasons you’re probably going to end up paying for Disney’s streaming service

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Still from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Image is a screengrab via Disney/Lucasfilm

Look, just admit it now. Disney’s going to take your money in 2019 when it drops its own streaming service, and here are three reasons why.

You may have turned up your nose at the original announcement that Disney would be taking its many profitable properties from Netflix and going home. Even in her assessment of that, though, Buckie Wells pointed out the obvious: This scheme of Disney’s to cut out partners and make you pay to stream content centered around those aforementioned profitable properties? Is probably a sure bet.

It’s really quite elegant when you think about it. Disney doesn’t have to share any prestige it may gain from original shows with Netflix anymore. (Yes, this has already happened. Marvel’s Jessica Jones has an Emmy. And also the adoration of many fans, including here on this site. But we’re mostly talking about the Emmy here.) It loses out on licensing, sure, but with all the different audiences Disney can reach? It’s clear the company thinks that that’s not going to be a problem in the long run.

And now, after Disney dropped quite a few massive announcements related to said scheme yesterday, here are three reasons you’re going to end up shelling out.