The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked by hilarity

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15. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is regarded as one of the best Marvel outings to date, if not the best. It’s the perfect blend of 1970s political thriller and superhero movie.

But when someone asks you what hilarious superhero movie you want to watch, I doubt you would immediately say, “The Winter Soldier!”

The movie’s humor is much more subtle than other Marvel films. The whole scene on the Lemurian Star of Black Widow trying to set Cap up on a date is hilarious (“Lillian. Lip piercing, right? Yeah, I’m not ready for that.”) and their banter on the run is top-notch (my favorite is still “Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable” with Cap’s old man reaction of “Yes! They do!”)

But the true comedic standout of this film has to be Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. From the moment he shows up on screen — the very first scene (“Don’t you say it!”) — o the final line of the film (“When do we start?”), his deadpan deliveries crack you up. “I made breakfast…if you guys eat that sort of thing.” “Don’t look at me, I do what he does, just slower.” “Ultimate fighter?”

Falcon is exactly what Steve needs to keep moving forward in this crazy world.