The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked by hilarity

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17. Thor

Our first visit to Asgard was breathtaking and fantastic, but it wasn’t one of the funnier Marvel films.

Still, it has two of my all-time favorite lines:

First, when the Destroyer first lands in New Mexico, a SHIELD agent asks Coulson if the new technology is some of Stark’s. “I don’t know … that guy never tells me anything,” he says in a sigh, and you can hear the sheer exasperation in his words. Like the ends of Stark being a part of his life do not justify the means.

Second, when Thor reclaims Mjolnir and returns to fight the Destroyer, he runs into Coulson and his SHIELD team in the town and greets him with: “Know this, Son of Coul.” It’s a phrase that doesn’t hit you right away, and it took me an additional viewing or two to catch it.

When we were introduced to Thor, he was kept very strait-laced and serious. Everyone else around him provides the humor, including Darcy, moping over her confiscated iPod, and Dr. Selvig, who has a fun drinking contest with Thor and proclaims that he doesn’t think he’s really the god of thunder, but he ought to be.

If anything, watching this movie at least planted a seed of knowing … maybe Thor can be funny down the road.