The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked by hilarity

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2. Ant-Man

When your star is Paul Rudd, you’re smart if you make your film a comedy. Or at least throw in a heck of a lot of jokes. Everybody loves Paul Rudd!

He makes for a ridiculous superhero, a regular guy just kind of thrown into it due to circumstances. He doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing, but he knows he needs to try. Or, as he suggests, “I think our first move should be calling the Avengers.”

Casting him with a straight-man Evangeline Lily, who doesn’t have time for his amateur tendencies and manages to punch him in the face (with his response of, “Were you going for the hand?!”), makes for a fun time. Add in an actor like Michael Douglas, who plays off them both with ease, and what could go wrong? His deadpan works so well against Scott Lang’s optimism (like when he’s trying to remember what Antony’s number is. 247? 248? No, it’s 247).

And where do we start on Michael Peña? His character, Luis, steals the show. From his initial introduction where he talks about everything that’s gone wrong in the last year (“But I got the van!”) to his blind support of Lang to his stories giving all of the details—all of the wrong details—to his hesitant smile that closes the film (“Did the badass tell the stupid-fine writer chick to tell you to tell me, because I’m tight with Ant-Man, that he’s looking for him?”), his unstoppable hyperactivity makes you laugh just seeing him.

Ant-Man was definitely the most consistently funny MCU film … that is, until the #1 spot came out …