One Day at a Time’s Todd Grinnell is not Paul Rudd, but he’s still super cute


Man Crush Monday is here, and this time, we’re talking Todd Grinnell. You might know him as that guy who isn’t Paul Rudd on One Day at a Time.

Every Man Crush Monday we bring you the best and the hottest of our eye candy for the week. This time, we’re talking about a very special man who has stolen our hearts as Schneider in One Day at a Time. For those of you who are behind, One Day at a Time is the remake of a sitcom from decades ago, and this time, it has gifted us with Rita Moreno as Lydia.

But the real surprise comes from a new and improved Schneider, the landlord and handyman who comes and hangs out with the family regularly. What is surprising is that this man is not the famed actor and star of Ant-Man, Paul Rudd.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably watched the first few episodes and wondered how many roles this fake Paul Rudd lost to the actor, but it is okay because Todd Grinnell is adorable, funny, and just a taller version of Paul Rudd if Paul Rudd decided to stay working in television.

The thing about Todd is that he’s been around for quite some time, but you may have not known it was him. To me, he looks like if Paul Rudd and Edward Burns had a very tall baby and that’s a pretty great combination to have.

Really, though, if you’re not watching Todd as Schneider in One Day at a Time, you’re missing out on a lovely show about family, love, and making those around you happy even if they aren’t your family (like Schneider’s relationship with Lydia).

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You can catch Todd Grinnell in the first two seasons — and hopefully the third season as well — of One Day at a Time on Netflix now!