15 most badass women in video game history

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14. Piper Wright (Fallout 4)

Key quote: “Never thought a reporter could consider themselves a success until someone threatened their life. Me? I’m very successful.”

Who she is: While using a weapon is badass, so is speaking your mind and making changes. That is what put Piper Wright, a non-playable character who is a potential companion in Fallout 4, on this list. Piper is a reporter and owner of Publick Occurrences, and she is trying to make big changes in Diamond City. When she was younger, Piper’s father was found dead, and she did everything she could to uncover the truth of why. This sparked a fire in her that would never die down, so she moved to Diamond City to create her own newspaper and dedicate her life to spread truth no matter the cost. Over timem many stopped reading her paper due to articles being too negative. One of her pieces got her kicked out of the city for a while due to her accusing the Mayor of being a synth (a robot controlled by the Institute).

Why she’s on the list: Piper always sticks to her beliefs and goals no matter what happens to her. This allowed her to uncover some serious injustices such as cartels hiking food prices throughout the city. She has faced threats and assassination attempts, and she’s still alive.  None of it swayed her from telling it like it is so that she could make changes for everyone in Diamond City. We should all take a page out of Piper Wright’s book and represent the truth more often.