15 most badass women in video game history

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4. Bastila Shan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Key quote: “The Force fights with me!”

Who she is: Bastila Shan makes her debut in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which is perhaps partially canon again. Her mother gave her up to the Jedi Order when she was young in the hopes of giving her daughter a better life. Even as a Padawan, her strong connection to the Force showed through.

Much later down the road, Darth Malak captures her and turns her to the Sith. Eventually however, she returns to the Jedi Order and helped in the Battle of Rakata Prime.

Why she’s on the list: Throughout both Knights of the Old Republic games, Bastila acts impulsively and as if she’s unstoppable, which makes it easier for Malak to capture her. However, she realizes her faults and works to become more compassionate to those around her. Bastila believes she’s unbeatable due to her talent for battle meditation and her intense connection to the Force. Her double-bladed lightsaber with a yellow crystal is her weapon of choice, and she wields it expertly to strike the Sith down. Bastila Shan is an ridiculously powerful Jedi (and Sith) who causes much devastation to those who oppose her.