15 of the most iconic Lip Sync Battle performances

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Terry Crews — “A Thousand Miles”

Terry Crews has had his fair share of iconic performances. But the most memorable is probably his role in White Chicks. That’s mostly because of one particular scene — without fail, it pops into every fan’s mind at the mention of the film.

Crews plays Latrell Spencer, who secretly has a love for Vanessa Carlton. When his “date” (Marcus Copeland in disguise) puts on “A Thousand Miles” in the car, hoping to scare him off, he emotionally asks “How did you know?!” before wholeheartedly singing along.

Since then, the song has become almost synonymous with Crews’ name. It’s hard to see him on screen without the piano riffs playing faintly in the back of your head. Crews, being the ultimate professional, leaned into that for his turn on LSB.

And by leaned into it, I mean danced shirtless with ribbons all the way through it. He even got fake violin players to accompany his fake piano skills. As always, he made sure to get in a few flexes of his pecs, causing the crowd to go wild.

Lip Sync Battle requires a certain level of confidence, and that wasn’t a problem for Terry Crews. He knew he had the battle in his pocket from the first note on the piano, and it only fueled him.