15 of the most iconic Lip Sync Battle performances

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Rachel Bloom — “Teenage Dream”

Rachel Bloom is no stranger to over-the-top performances, given that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creates new ones every week. As a result, she was very prepared for her throwdown on Lip Sync Battle.

Taking on Michael Shannon, Bloom chose Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as one of her two songs. The character of a nerdy band kid was well within her wheelhouse, and Bloom went the extra mile on makeup. Looking closely, audiences can see that she even put prosthetic pimples on her face to really commit — to say nothing of the throwback hairstyle.

The dance was simple, giving the feel that it actually was choreographed by a bunch of high school band kids (being a former bando myself, I can testify that this is something we’d have done, given the chance).

Things took a turn for the wonderfully weird when she pulls her “crush,” a stereotypical nerdy fellow, out to dance with her. Bloom twerked her heart out, even getting a reaction from Chrissy Teigen. The host herself got into the performance with both a baton and a fabulous bandleader’s hat.

In short: If Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ever goes to Broadway, please oh please let them find a way to work this performance in.