What we hope to see in season 3 of Jessica Jones


Season 2 of Jessica Jones ended with an open book of possibilities for next season. Here’s what we hope to see for the characters in Jessica Jones season 3.

It might be a ways to go before season 3 of Jessica Jones arrives (and we’re totally still reeling from season 2). But we can’t help but wonder what’s next for Jessica and the gang. The characters have chosen their paths at each of their own crossroads and are walking into their next journey.

So what can we see from each of the characters in season 3 of Jessica Jones? Well, we came up with a few potential things that we could see next season.


By the end of season 2, Malcolm has quit his job as an associate P.I. with Jessica, retired from being friends with Jess and Trish, and joined forces with Pryce Cheng and Jeri Hogarth. Two burning questions we have with Malcolm are, will he gain more success in his new job with Cheng and Jeri Hogarth? And will he ever be friends with Jess again? As for Malcolm’s rocky relationship with Trish, it’s unlikely we’ll see them becoming friends anytime soon, but some closure or a sincere apology from Trish would be nice to see for all the betrayal she has done to Malcolm.

Jeri Hogarth

Jeri loves power and having control, so what will she do now knowing that there isn’t a cure for her ALS? Her new venture with Malcolm and Pryce Cheng is interesting too. What exactly is she proposing to them at the end of the season? Could it be a possible cure? Why would she want private investigators? It’ll be fascinating to see what she has up her sleeve and how these new relationships evolve.

Jessica & Trish

Jess has a lot of pain from her past and resentment toward her powers. Although she is tough on the outside, we really see the vulnerability Jess has underneath through season 2. You really feel for Jess and the pain she has gone through since her accident. It just shows that all this time, Jess has been afraid to connect with other people besides Trish in fear that she will lose them.

In many ways, Jess loses two people at the theme park at the end of season 2. Trish wanted to be a super so desperately she’s risked her relationship with Jess by not empathizing what Jess could be going through. However, in Trish’s defense, she thought she was doing the right thing and the last time she saw Jess, Jess wanted to stop her mother, not join her.

Though, Trish is still blinded and careless of the bond between mother and daughter. Trish has always had her mother, and although her mother’s intentions have been questionable, she still has a mother who is by her side holding her hand at the hospital.

This parallel shows a significant change in their character arcs. Secretly, these two sisters (even though they love each other) have also envied each other. Jess has always resented her powers because she never asked for the responsibility they demand in addition to the pain they’ve bought her. Not seeing the toll being super has taken on Jess, Trish has always wanted the powers Jessica never sought.

More of Trish becoming super

What will be interesting to see is Trish becoming a vigilante and realizing the hardship Jess might’ve faced as a super. Sometimes you don’t know what someone could be going through until you go through it yourself. It’ll be intriguing to see if Trish realizes the reality of being a hero or if it’s exactly what she wanted.

Another interesting part of Trish’s story is the villain Trish might encounter as she becomes Hellcat. Could it be Simpson’s previous doctor who gave him the combat enhancement drug? Or could it be someone or something else? Also, are super cat-like reflexes the only powers she has or are there more to come?

More of Jess becoming “normal” and being happy

Although the ending of the season left more pain for Jess, it also finished on a hopeful and tender note. Trish thought she was doing the right thing for Jess but ultimately made a relationship-shifting betrayal.

How their relationship continues and if it can heal will be interesting to see, but could this be history repeating itself for Trish and Jess? We see a flashback in season 2 when the only person Jess had was her boyfriend. Can their sisterly bond get through this too?

However, in saying this, the last episode leaves it open for a chance for Hellcat to shine. It appears that next season could be more about Trish becoming a hero while Jess finds comfort in taking a step back from the spotlight of heroism.

Jess’s relationship with Oscar and Vido is sweet, and it will be exciting to see how this evolves in season 3. Jess’s feisty, dry nature is magnetic but her kind and vulnerable side are just as alluring to see. It’s great that we get to see these new sides of Jessica because like all humans, we have many facets to our personalities. This only makes Jess more human and beautifully complex. It’ll be wonderful to see more sides to her and how her character progresses in this new stage of her life.

Jess’s only and last relationship ended with her boyfriend being murdered. Will Jess now be overprotective of Oscar and Vido? Will Vido’s mother show up again? Will Oscar find success in his art?

It’s also intriguing to see if or how Jess will tell anyone about the death of the prison guard, Dale Holiday. Although we see Jess go through the guilt and push through it, it’ll be interesting to see Oscar’s reaction to the news. Could it shift their relationship?

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After a complex and twisty season of Jessica Jones, what are you excited to see next season? Do you think Jess and Trish’s relationship will heal? Will Hellcat need the aid of Jessica Jones?