10 best quotes from Jessica Jones season 2


Jessica Jones season 2 has been a great season with many quotable lines. Here are the 10 best quotes to listen for while you watch the new season.

The second season of Jessica Jones is all about its main character’s vulnerability. As Jess starts to come to terms with the aftermath of The Defenders and Kilgrave, she finds it hard to get back to her daily life.

With help from her neighbor and friend Malcolm, she gets back to work as one of New York’s best private investigators. However, Patsy “Trish” Walker and Jeri Hogarth find themselves on a new journey that threatens their lives and their careers. Although that’s some serious subject matter, that doesn’t mean that the show doesn’t have some great lines.

Here are the 10 best quotes from the season:

“I don’t want to be with Griffin. I want to be him!”

We find out in this moment between Trish and her mother that Trish doesn’t want to marry Griffin and envies his career as a successful journalist. This line is powerful as it’s the beginning of a downwards spiral for Trish as she feels inadequate as a radio host and public personality.

“You and I are not the same.”

With conflicting feelings and unsure what to do, Jess takes her murderous mother to her apartment. Jess and her mother Alisa, both share unique powers of strength but are different in how they use them. Alisa attempts to connect with her daughter by relating her abilities with Jessica, but immediately Jess reminds her that they aren’t the same just because they share similar abilities.

This is also Jessica’s way of setting boundaries and having a defensive wall. When this line is delivered it becomes ironic that Jess says they’re not the same while wearing the same clothes as each other. This irony can be examined further, showing that on the surface they are the same, even though Jess’s perspective hasn’t aligned with the idea.

“I always dream about you. Losing you over, over and over again.” “Same.”

When Alisa wakes up from her night terror, she explains to Jess what she sees. Empathetic to this as they both lost each other in a car accident 17 years ago, Jess replies with one word; “same”. Finally letting down her defensive walls, Jess now sees her mother as the person she is and not the killer she was. This tender moment shows that Jess has connected with her mother and wants a relationship with her.

“This… is how I get my mom.”

Moments before Alisa wakes from her night terror, Jess is sitting on the floor asking herself, “Is this how I get my mom?” She has longed for the day to see her family again and when finally given the chance to meet her mom, Jessica doesn’t want to know her. After being on the fence and contemplating her relationship with her mother, Jess starts to think that maybe this is the only way she can have her even if her mother is a mass murderer.

Jess sits down by her mother’s bed after Alisa’s night terror and says, “This…is how I get my mom.” It signifies that Jess has forgiven her and unveiled another layer to her mother’s personality. She sees Alisa’s maternal nature — something Jess has yearned for and missed all these years. Jess no longer sees her mother as the monster she first saw; she sees her more like herself: damaged and broken. They both bond over the accident that tore them apart.

“You’re his mother. Nothing’s gonna change that.”

Although Jessica says this to Vido’s mother, it was also affirmation to Alisa who is standing next to her. This confirmed to Alisa that Jessica has forgiven her and is open to a relationship. This is a really sweet moment as they come together emotionally and for the first time work together as a team.

“This is how I lose my mom.”

At the end of episode 9, after two days of hiding her mother in her apartment, Jessica comes to terms with sending her Mom to the police and doing the “right thing.” Jessica struggles with this decision as she still wants a relationship with Alisa. After finally getting to know Alisa and bonding with her, she is now being torn away again.

“I relied on you. I don’t rely on anyone, but I relied on you.”

After finding out that Malcolm has been helping Trish find Karl and that their actions have left Trish in a critical condition, Jess feels betrayed and hurt. When Jess says this, you can feel her pain as her personal relationships start to fall. She fears for Trish’s life, hoping she won’t have to say goodbye to her best friend.

“I’m not a killer. I’m not you. I’m not my mother. I can control myself, which means I’m more powerful than you ever were.”

With severe guilt, Jess unwillingly sees an illusion of Kilgrave as a way to deal with her dark thoughts. This moment is a significant turning point for Jessica as she finally takes control over her thoughts and who she believes to be. Throughout this season people have been telling her who she is and what she should do, finally Jess has had enough and decides for herself.

“I quit!”

Both Trish and Malcolm say this in season 2 of Jessica Jones. Trish says it first as she faces drug addiction and dissatisfaction with her job as a radio host. Wanting more and feeling insufficient, Trish has a meltdown and quits her job on live air. Malcolm, in a similar story, quits his job with Jessica as an associate P.I. after their explosive fight.

Although Malcolm and Trish are in similar circumstances, this quote provides two parallel stories. Trish is nose diving from a celebrity height, whereas Malcolm is working his way up. “I quit!” is a powerful line for both of these characters and their stories.

“It took someone coming back from the dead, to realize that I’ve been dead too. The problem is, I never really figured out how to live.”

For some time, Jess has suppressed her feelings and tried her best not to attach herself with anyone in fear that she will either lose them or get hurt by them. Because of this, she’s made defensive walls by setting boundaries and basically being unapproachable. Jess has been happy to drink and drown in her sorrows, not caring what others think.

For her, this is a substantial moment of realization. Since it comes just before the close of season 2, it opens up a new area of exploration for Jessica Jones in a possible season 3.

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It’s hard not to feel sorry for Jessica through this season as her life turns upside down. What was your favorite line from Jessica Jones season 2?