Margot Robbie is set to produce a Shakespeare show from the female perspective


Margot Robbie is continuing to change the game for women in the entertainment world. Now, she’s adapting Shakespeare’s work to be told from the female perspective.

After producing I, Tonya, Margot Robbie isn’t done sharing female stories. Her next project with LuckyChap, her production company, features a 10-part series retelling Shakespeare’s classics from the female perspective.

LuckyChap is partnering with ABC for the endeavor and honestly, it sounds like a fantastic idea. While most the roles were originated by men, Shakespeare has some interesting women in his work. Imagine an entire retelling of Macbeth from Lady Macbeth’s perspective!

Personally, I want her to tackle Helena’s story in Midsummer Night’s Dream. Throughout the years, it has become a role that’s meant to be comedic because of how her male counterpart treats her. In reality, Demetrius drags Helena along and plays with her heart, and she is seen as pathetic by (mainly) male critics.

With this series, my hope is that Margot flips the script on characters like Helena to show the complex nature of Shakespeare’s women (who have, throughout the years, been diminished to their most basic assets).

Production is going to be led by an all-female team and is set to begin filming in Australia in late 2018. The entire idea is amazing because not only are Shakespeare’s women fully formed beings who often lead the stories, but they are also being shifted in our views currently.

Having women tell these stories will shift the focus back to the original work and bring these women to life in the way that Shakespeare originally wanted. The stories are set in a contemporary world (not exactly a new thing with Shakespeare remakes), but it should be interesting to see some of these characters in a modern setting nonetheless.

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