Henry Cavill won’t forget his shaved mustache anytime soon and neither will we


After Justice League digitally altered Superman’s face rather poorly, Henry Cavill shaved off his mustache, so we can all put the controversy behind us.

Next to Tom Selleck, Henry Cavill probably grows one of the most luxurious and suave mustaches in Hollywood. It’s as charming as the rest of his personality and feels like another member of his fanbase instead of just an extension of his face.

Unfortunately, when Warner Bros. needed Superman for additional scenes in Justice League, Cavill’s mustache sparked an unintended controversy. Due to his commitment to Mission: Impossible — Fallout, Cavill couldn’t shave. Therefore, Paramount forced Warner Bros. to digitally remove the mustache.

And it came out terrible.

If you haven’t seen, you can check out the unmistakable mishap here. As The Verge discovered, it really shouldn’t be that difficult to digitally remove a mustache.

During a Reddit AMA, a member of the VFX team for Justice League explained that Paramount didn’t want to play ball with Warner Bros. at all. Even though Warner Bros. offered to foot the bill, Paramount declined. I mean, business is business. But perhaps, the weirder part comes from his revelation that Warner Bros. then used a different SFX studio to take out the mustache, which resulted in shoddy craftsmanship.

Of course, that wasn’t the biggest problem of the movie, but it sure didn’t help. Hopefully, Cavill’s role in Fallout will make us all feel much better, especially since it’s the only time we’ll see the mustache on the big screen.

As you can see below, Cavill shaved it off:

In a touching farewell video posted on his social media, Cavill reintroduced us to his clean-shaven face. Although he shaved his mustache, his video includes a few photos of their time together and the promise that the ‘stache won’t soon be forgotten.

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And not just for Cavill, but all of us. So, so long Mr. Stache. It was nice knowing you.