Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: A blue and red pair


A reunion of our favorite knights could be at hand in Game of Thrones season 8, but is it just coincidence or something more?

Warning: What’s your favorite Game of Thrones season 8 pairing? There might be spoilers about your favorite characters below. We’re just saying.

There really aren’t a lot of truly iconic duos in Game of Thrones after seven seasons. Daenerys and Jon seem to be well on their way, but others have seen themselves broken up by circumstance like Jaime and Cersei or Jaime and Brienne.

It’s that second one that concerns us more because, thanks to r/freefolk, it looks like fate has put Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie together in Belfast.

And, of course, there are tweets about it (and an Instagram post from Christie herself!):

If it’s true that Coster-Waldau’s back in Belfast, this wouldn’t be the first time. Research shows he was likely in the city earlier this month. However, Christie’s been a bit more difficult to keep track of when it comes to season 8 filming — though we’ve heard she’s been in Belfast with Coster-Waldau before, too.

Once might be a coincidence. Twice, however, starts to look like something resembling a pattern, and if there’s anything Game of Thrones spoiler lovers like to do, it’s finding patterns. Even the commenters on r/freefolk are excited by the prospect.

Besides, a little tension of a vaguely romantic nature never hurt a show, right? (Okay, don’t flood us with counterexamples, and let us have this lighthearted moment. We probably won’t get many in the actual season.)

Here’s a little extra conspiracy theory for you: What if it’s not Jaime who kills Cersei, as many have guessed? What if it’s Brienne instead, making for a Queenslayer to go with the Kingslayer? On a thematic level, depending on how the Jaime-Brienne relationship could evolve, it could even represent Jaime’s future killing his past.

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Let us know what you think of our wild guess, Game of Thrones fans, and stay tuned for more spoilers!