5 spring break travel essentials you must pack for your trip


Spring break has become a travel tradition and even a rite of passage. Make your next trip even better with these five spring break travel essentials.

Traveling today has become stressful. While everyone looks forward to the spring break as a much-needed vacation, the planning process alone would make you want to stay at home.

From luggage restrictions to over-crowded planes, that picture perfect vacation needs a little expert advice. For this week’s Travel Tuesday, let’s focus on five spring break travel essentials that you must pack on your next vacation.

Travel Tuesday: 5 Spring break travel essentials you must pack, photo provided by Hydaway

Products with multiple functions are important due to luggage restrictions. Even if you can carry on a bag, that bag needs to be smaller and more compact. While you might want to pack extra shoes, outfits and other stuff, that space is limited. A product with multiple uses is key.

These five Spring Break travel essentials are always in our travel bag

Collapsible water bottle

In everyday life, everyone has a water bottle that they carry around. When you head off on vacation, that larger water bottle can be a hassle. Even though it’s your favorite, it can be big and bulky. Still, relying on just bottled water can be expensive, so a collapsible water bottle is a great option.

Hydaway water bottle, photo provided by Hydaway.

One of the best collapsible water bottles for travel is Hydaway. Now with a travel case, this collapsible water bottle can go anywhere. You can fold it into a small disk when you’re not using it, and it fits nicely anywhere. The bottles come in various sizes and colors, and they seal tight and won’t leak. With this travel essential, there’d be no excuse not to be well hydrated on vacation.

While not the intended use, Hydaway can also keep a fragile travel souvenir safe on the trip home. Small, breakable items can be left inside the unfolded bottle. Dual-use items are always a plus on a vacation.

Packing cubes

While many people think throwing everything into a travel bag is an easy way to pack, the reality is that style of packing is inefficient. Packing cubes can keep everything organized in a smaller travel bag. For example, Ebags packing cubes come in various sizes and colors.

These slim containers make packing a breeze. Although it doesn’t seem likely, anyone can fit more clothes in these packing cubes than just throwing items into a suitcase. I use these packing cubes all the time. In addition to more space, I never have to dig around looking for a specific item I’ve packed. Everything is organized and easy.

Raincoat/running coat

While no one wants to bring extra clothes in their travel bag, a raincoat or a running coat is a smart choice. Often, these types of coats fold up into its own pouch. That little pouch can make for an extra pillow or cushion when traveling.

Having a lightweight coat on vacation can be very helpful. That internment rain shower or brisk night doesn’t have to ruin your plans. Plus, who wants to have to buy a coat on vacation? That purchase could put a dent in your souvenir budget.

Ziploc bags

While everyone knows about the clear plastic bag rule for liquids, extra Ziploc bags are a travel essential. From keeping dirty clothes separated to keeping items dry, a Ziploc bag is a great travel hack. Stash a couple extra Ziploc bags in your travel bags on your next trip.

For example, why spend extra money on a special waterproof phone case when the Ziploc bag works in a pinch. Whether you visit a theme park or the beach, water and cell phones don’t mix. A Ziploc bag can keep that phone dry while you’re having fun.

Plus, that bag can be repurposed on the way home with dirty clothes. Don’t let that wet swimsuit ruin the rest of your clothes. Pack it up in a Ziploc bag for the flight home and your whole bag won’t be a wet mess.

First Aid Kit

From blisters to the bad sunburn, small travel injuries often happen on a vacation. A small, well-stocked first aid kit can be a blessing on vacation. While some companies offer a pre-made first aid kit, creating your own is often better.

In my travel first aid kit, the essentials are pain relievers, blister Band-Aids, regular Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, allergy medicine, medical tape, antacids, lip balm and tweezers.

While most of these items are self-explanatory, some items have dual purposes. For example, lip balm is great for chapped lips, but the petroleum jelly in it can help prevent blisters. Being prepared for a few scenarios is always a good idea.

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These five travel essentials are great for spring break and any other vacation, too. While some travel items are special purchases, other items are probably already in your house. The ideal with any essential travel item is both functionality and pack-ability.

These five spring break travel essentials are just a few must-have items. Of course, everyone has their own preferences. What’s in your spring break travel bag?