15 shows to watch if you like Game of Thrones

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Outlander — Starz

What it is: Outlander is an epic love story about a man and woman from two different time periods, who meet through magic, but stay together to change the course of history. While on vacation with her husband, World War II nurse, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), stumbles onto some magical stones in Scotland, and is instantly transported to 18th century Scotland. She lands right in the middle of land wars between the Scottish farmers and the British government, and is immediately in danger.

To maintain her own safety, she is forced to marry the young (very, very handsome) Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Although they don’t get along at first, clashing over their differing sensibilities, they eventually fall in love and form a strong and effective partnership. Claire and Jamie depend on each other to sort through not only the interpersonal family relationships, but the complicated issues of Scottish sovereignty and freedom.

Why you’ll like it: As much as Game of Thrones focuses on the war and the fighting, Outlander centers on the romance between Jaime and Claire. Everything that happens, historically or otherwise, is through the lens of their love for each other. You get all the fighting and hostilities, but you also get all the love story you can handle. You get to see Jaime fight the Redcoats in his kilt, his pecs and shoulders stealing the scene, but you also get to see him woo and court Claire in the most enamoring way imaginable. Its escapist in all the right ways.

Where to find it: You can catch up on seasons 1 -4 on Amazon and Hulu.