5 nerdy fictional languages we wish we could learn


Thanks to Duolingo, Star Trek fans from around the world can now begin learning one of the show’s most intense languages: Klingon.

If you could learn any language in the known and unknown universe, what would it be? If Klingon was the answer, there’s good news — you can now! Alongside Spanish and French, you can now learn one of the most expansive languages ever to grace science fiction.

In honor of that, we looked into some of the fictional languages that would be a lot of fun, or incredibly useful, to learn in case we ever had the chance to use them.

1. Klingon (Star Trek)

The Klingon dictionary was originally published in 1985 and greatly expanded in 1992. Until now, it was the main resource for anyone who wanted to learn one of the biggest intergalactic languages. The only other option was to learn it from the shows themselves, which would be incredibly difficult. Now, Duolingo offers a language course online available through the app and the website!

2. Parseltongue (Harry Potter)

The gift of speaking Parseltongue is one that is passed down in the Slytherin family tree. . . . and also spoken by Harry Potter, the Chosen One. It turns out he got it from a psychic connection with the Dark Lord, also known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Voldemort or Tom Riddle. As such, it has a pretty bad reputation.

However. It would be really neat to be able to speak to snakes, and also talk trash about people while they just stand there thinking you’re hissing. How cool would that be?

You can learn more about it on Pottermore.

3. Dothraki (Game of Thrones)

In the event that I found myself in the world of Westeros, home of the Iron Throne and a whole lot of deaths, I would want to be able to speak Dothraki.

The language originated in the Game of Thrones books by George R.R. Martin but was expanded on by the producers of the TV show. Now, there’s an app by Random House and an audiobook course where you can learn Dothraki! How cool is that?

4. Huttese (Star Wars)

Huttese is the natural language of Jabba the Hutt, but is spoken all over Hutt-controlled space. Anakin Skywalker speaks it at a young age, as does C-3PO!

According to Star Wars creators, it’s based on the South American indigenous Quechuan languages. It seems like it would be a useful language if you wanted to travel the galaxy!

If you’ve always wanted to learn this, you’re in for a fun trip! You can learn through the lessons or dictionary on this Star Wars fansite!

5. Dovahzul (Skyrim)

Dovahzul is the language of the dragons in The Elder Scrolls video games — from Morrowind to Skyrim. Many, many gamers have wanted to be the dragonborn. Being able to speak to and command the dragons like you can in the games would be awesome!

The closest thing to a language course for Dovahzul is Thuum.org, which has a translator and a dragon rune crossword game created from all official sources — whether that’s the games themselves or “canon” game guides. I had a lot of fun with the crossword puzzles, and they’re a great tool for geeking out with.

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There are so many cool fictional languages; we don’t know which we’d want to learn first! Which fictional language would you like to learn?