Mary Poppins is back in the most delightful teaser


Something is brewing and about to begin this Christmas: Disney finally released the first footage of Mary Poppins Returns in a new trailer.

The Oscars are long, but a spoonful of sugar helps! Disney debuted the first teaser for Mary Poppins Returns during Sunday’s broadcast, and fans are already raving.

Mary Poppins Returns takes place 25 years after the first film, as the nanny returns to Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw), now fully grown. The sequel is said to be darker than the original, set in Depression-era London, a mood on full display in the new trailer.

A storm brews as a young boy – presumably Michael’s son – struggles to keep control of his kite. With some help from Jack, a lamplighter played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the two reel in the kite and Mary Poppins makes her grand entrance. (Don’t worry though, she still has her famous umbrella).

Disneyphiles with a keen eye will notice that the kite is a bit familiar. With bits of newspaper in the body, and a suffragette sash for a tail, the kite appears to be the same one the Banks parents repaired for their children in the original Mary Poppins.

With a cheeky smile in her reflection – another nod to the original film – Emily Blunt’s Poppins agrees it’s wonderful to see her again.

Blunt and Miranda were both in attendance at the Oscars along with Meryl Streep, who is set to have a role in the sequel as well. Dick Van Dyke will also return, but not as Bert. According to Variety, Van Dyke will reprise the role of Mr. Dawes Jr., one of the board members of the bank where Mr. Banks works

You can check out the full footage below:

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Mary Poppins Returns flies into theaters in December 2018.