Super Bowl 52: 9 trailers we want to see during the big game


Anticipated movie and television trailers drop every year during Super Bowl Sunday, and these are the ones we’re hoping to see during the 2018 game.

It feels like 2018 just started, but Super Bowl Sunday is already upon us. And while plenty of Eagles and Patriots fans will be tuning in to Super Bowl 52 to enjoy the game, just as many viewers will show up purely for the commercials. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love Super Bowl commercials?

And the most anticipated commercials are likely to be the trailers. There are plenty of blockbuster films and hit television shows hitting the screen this year, and the Super Bowl is bound to offer us a peek at some of them.

So which trailers are we crossing our fingers for?

Black Panther

Marvel has released several Black Panther trailers recently, each one better than the last. But fans are hoping for just one more leading up to the movie’s release date in two weeks. Any excuse to listen to some more epic music while T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) kicks butt, right?

Black Panther is one of the biggest blockbusters of 2018, and even by Marvel movie standards, it’s receiving a ton of hype. Thankfully, it looks like it will be well-deserved. We’ll know for sure on Feb. 16.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We’ve been waiting for the Solo trailer since The Last Jedi hit theaters, and fans are growing impatient. After several incorrect predictions as to when the trailer would drop, dare we hope for Super Bowl Sunday?

Solo: A Star Wars Story will follow young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) as he embarks on adventures throughout the galaxy. We’ll see more of Chewbacca and Lando in this installment, along with a bunch of new characters — including a leading lady played by Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

The film premieres May 25, leaving Lucasfilm only a few more months to release preview footage. Some rumors imply that the first trailer will air during the Super Bowl, while others insist that it will drop Monday morning instead. We’ll just have to wait and see, but that won’t stop us from hoping for a Sunday release.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise confirmed that we’ll get our first look at this Mission Impossible sequel during this year’s Super Bowl. No matter how many films join this franchise, fans keep running back for more.

The official synopsis of the film doesn’t reveal much about Ethan Hunt’s next mission, but it seems that he and his crew are headed for trouble. It’s undoubtedly be another film full of action and explosions, but we’ll learn more about the official plot during the game on Sunday.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A trailer has already aired for the Jurassic World sequel, but the popularity of this franchise makes it likely that we’ll see another one in the near future. That it’ll pop up during tomorrow’s game is certainly a possibility.

The teaser trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom shows Owen (Chris Pratt) and Clare (Bryce Dallas Howard) returning to the the island from the first film, this time intent on saving the dinosaurs from a volcanic eruption.

While the premise stands out from the Jurassic Park films we know and love, many classic elements of the movies remain in place. The first glance shows plenty of flights from giant carnivores and themes of nature versus nurture. Whether it’ll actually live up to its predecessors will become clear on June 22.

The Incredibles 2

Disney makes its appearance during every Super Bowl, and this year will be no different. The real question is: What trailers will Disney be bringing us?

We’re crossing our fingers that one of them will be for The Incredibles 2. When Disney and Pixar announced this sequel, it sparked reactions reminiscent of the announcement for Toy Story 3. After all, while the film will technically be geared toward a younger audience, the generation most anticipating its release is full of young adults (most of whom were kids when the first film came out).

Though a teaser trailer for the movie aired recently, it didn’t reveal much in terms of plot. It seems that Jack Jack will play a larger role in this sequel, but we’ll need a second trailer for further details. With the film coming on June 15, it should be coming soon — perhaps, as early as tomorrow.

Avengers: Infinity War

Disney could also make its mark on the game by giving us another Avengers preview. The first Infinity War trailer blew fans away, and we’re about ready for a second glimpse at the film. Marvel’s well-known for releasing numerous trailers for its movies, and the Super Bowl is the perfect place to show off a series as huge as this one.

With Thanos collecting Infinity Stones and posing a massive threat to the heroes we’ve grown to love over the past few years, the stakes are higher than ever. The most recent trailer showed Captain America (Chris Evans) and the rest of the Avengers in some serious trouble.

The film comes out on May 4, but we’re counting on seeing more of the story before then.

Deadpool 2

Light and humorous ads tend to show up on Super Bowl Sunday, and what better way to elicit laughter than by throwing a Deadpool trailer into the mix? I mean, the guy even pops up in ads for other products. Might as well show up to advertise his own film.

The first look at Deadpool 2 provided Ryan Reynolds’ typical humor, and it may even have revealed the main villain of the film. However, with the May 18 release date approaching, fans are looking for a more plot-centered and action-packed peek at the sequel.

There are mixed reports regarding whether or not we’ll get our second trailer during Super Bowl Sunday. These range from a series of definitive nos to suggestions that a trailer could still be on the table. We don’t have long to wait for an answer, but we’re hoping the truth favors the latter set of rumors.

The Walking Dead: Season 8B

If any television trailer is going to appear on Super Bowl Sunday, it will probably be for The Walking Dead’s upcoming season. One glimpse at season 8B did already air this week, so it’s questionable as to whether another will follow so soon after. But with the season premiere coming on Feb. 25, and with so many fans tuning in for the game, it’s possible.

The first trailer for the new season displayed a heartbreaking scene between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his son, Carl (Chandler Riggs). It’s no secret that AMC’s famous zombie series isn’t afraid to kill off main characters, after all. To find out what else is in store for Walking Dead fans, we’ll need another look.

Westworld: Season 2

There’s been confirmation on this one. HBO’s hit drama Westworld is returning for its second season this spring, and its debut trailer is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl this year. With no possibility of a Game of Thrones trailer during 2018, it makes sense that the network would show off its other hit series.

This science-fiction story, based off of an earlier Michael Crichton film, spent its first season building a morally questionable world in which humans use robotic hosts to live out their wildest fantasies. Though there’s no official release date as of yet, it should be exciting to see what direction the next season will take. And hey, maybe we’ll get a set date at the end of the teaser.

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What trailers do you want to see during Super Bowl 52?