The Incredibles 2 is real, it’s coming next year, and it doesn’t look like any time has passed


With Jack-Jack still a baby in the teaser for The Incredibles 2, what could the setting be in this sequel — and why the choice to keep things the same?

When it comes to The Incredibles 2, Mr. Incredible’s “Yeah, baby!” works on a couple of different levels. First, of course, it’s just about being excited. It seemed as though our experience with the superpowered family was doomed to end as it does in the original film — with them getting ready to take on the Underminer, masks right at hand.

Granted, we don’t see anything of Violet, Dash, Elastigirl or even Frozone in the teaser that dropped earlier today, but who we do see is baby Jack-Jack — the youngest Parr, and the one that has the most potential to wreak absolute havoc despite being a baby who can barely walk, let alone control any of his abilities. (So “yeah, baby,” indeed.)

In a family that includes a powerful force field user, someone who trains using … er … trains, and a super-stretchy fighter, that’s really saying something.

But the fact that this teaser shows Jack-Jack basically as we left him at the end of The Incredibles shows that this movie likely won’t be a Toy Story 3-type situation, where the characters aged more or less at about the same rate as time passed in the real world. Frankly, that makes more sense for the genre — and the audience that will presumably flock to this movie right alongside parents taking their kids.

We’re talking about people who were kids in 2004, when the original movie arrived in theaters. 14 years have since passed, and those kids are now young adults who might very well have a little disposable income to go see the sequel to a movie they might have loved, with the chance to escape into a world where it’s like nothing’s changed.

The teaser alone proves that the fantastic music and witty sense of humor (check Mr. Incredible’s face if you don’t believe us) is still right there for all those kids who grew up learning a little something about being special from this movie.

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Can you wait for The Incredibles 2?